Exploring Magnets

Here are a few locations I have been on my exploration of magnetism, specifically with speaker. You may need to adjust your volume for some of the videos. Enjoy, and e-mails with feedback are always welcome.

The Basics

Oscar’s Party is a perfect display of how simple speakers really are. A magnet and a coil of copper wire are a duo that can be attached to any material to mechanically amplify sound. In this case, a trash can is used to signify physic’s universality, even when we assume speakers as being very complex components.

When purchasing a speaker, you are buying many years of engineering, and only a fraction of the cost for the materials. 

The Insides

“Anything and Everything” shows the acoustic characteristics of materials. In a balance of audio quality, volume, and the visual association to the objects, a new sense of the material is experienced. After discovering that any surface or object could become a speaker, combinations of materials could be explored. Each of the combinations in this clip contribute to the sound. One plastic might sound the best for high notes and a metal can attached to it will give better lows. It’s designing speakers at a different angle and bringing everyday objects to life.

True Simplicity

Here is the soul of the speaker, physically simplified. The movements and forces of electric induction are seen.


Balloons make a perfect speaker because of the large amount of low density material. The balloons float with the help of other stationary magnets.

Deeper in the Cave

The “Sound of Destruction” is an old pair of computer speakers that have been smashed to pieces by yours truly. I recorded myself wrecking the speakers and then play the event back through them. It can be seen as a television clip of an object’s destruction.


I hope you enjoyed some videos of my travels. More clips will be included at a later time.

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